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2016-01::1453925518-thermicco.pngAs the best 8-chamber system on the market, Thermicco can boast unusual thermoinsulation properties. Customers particularly appreciate its extraordinary elegance and whiteness.

An additional centre seal allows for considerable savings in heating costs.
Available in many colours and wood-like veneers.
Particularly recommended with triple-glazing packages.

  • Exceptional design!
  • Profile system with installation width of 90 mm with a third central seal!
  • Possibility to apply multiple types of glass packets of up to 45 mm wide!
  • Uf = 0.97 W/m2K (with a glass packet 44 mm) – the best heat transfer coefficients in the market for that profile class
  • Reference window 1230 mm wide 1480 mm high with a glass packet 44 mm: Uw = 0.73 W/m2K
  • Sash with an extended reinforcement chamber improving the rigidity of the windows and supporting the production of
  • all correctly designed structures
  • Fixed glazing in the frame without additional adapters
  • A broad range of decorative foils.
  • Seals in grey or black
  • Profile core aligned with the colour of decorative foil.
  • Three core colours on offer: white, caramel and dark brown