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2016-01::1453924737-rehau-geneo.jpgThe GENEO® window system is manufactured using the high-tech RAU-FIPRO®material resulting in windows with a reduction in energy losses of up to 76%.

The best initial materials combined with the highest manufacturing benchmarks result in the outstanding quality and long service life of profiles made from RAU-FIPRO®, under even the highest stress levels.

With a high-tech fiber composite material, this branch-specific innovation sets an example. Following work donewith aircraft construction and Formula 1 design, fiber composite materials now also offer the best performance in the area of window design.

  • Profile depth: 86mm / Center seal
  • Number of chambers: 6
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0.85 W/m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76%*
  • *Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9, Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO® profiles (Uf= 0.91, Ug= 0.5, window size123 x 148 cm)
  • Material: RAU-FIPRO® fibre composite material, coextruded outer layer all the way around made from high quality RAU-PVC for the best surface quality
  • Sound insulation: up to SSK 5 without steel reinforcement, RwP = 47 dB with glazing Rw = 50 dB
  • Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without steel
  • Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)
  • Protection from driving rain: 9A (DIN EN 12208)