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2016-01::1453924624-rehau-euro-86.jpgThanks to tremendous thermal insulation values, Euro – Design 86 windows assure nice and warm interiors. High depth of profiles, 86 mm, allows to use modern 3 layered glazing. 6 air chambers inside the profiles works as perfect isolator from weather outside. Euro – Design 86 windows are fantastic solution either for modern, energy efficient buildings and for modernizations.

  • profile depth: 86 mm
  • 6 air chambers system
  • thermal insulation value for profiles: Uf up to 1,10 W/m2K
  • acoustic protection value for windows: RW (C; Ctr) up to 45 (0; -2) dB depending on used glass unit
  • burglar resistance: up to RC 3 class