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The excellent parameters of thermal protection of REHAU Brillant Design windows ensure a pleasant climate in the room – even if there is frost and snow outside. Thanks to the 70 mm depth profiles and two gaskets REHAU Brillant-Design windows perfectly protect against draughts, dust, water and dampness. Five air chambers operate as an insulating barrier between the low temperature outside and the higher one inside the room. As a result we achieve a remarkably low thermal transmittance, from Uf* = 1,3W/m2K. Thanks to that REHAU Brillant-Design windows are the perfect solution for a modern low-energy building as well as in thermal modernisation of
buildings and contribute to the decrease of heating costs.

Thermal transmittance

  • (U-value): Uf = 1,3 W/m2K
  • construction depth: 70 mm
  • burglar resistance class: up to WK3
  • acoustic protection: confirmed acoustic protection of Rw = 44 dB
  • surface of profiles: durable, smooth, weatherproof, easy to clean
  • perfect solution for modern low-energy houses and in thermal modernisation of buildings
  • possible to assemble REHAU Comfort-Design Plus roller shutter system
  • five-chamber profiles
  • for windows and balcony doors
  • fulfils the highest requirements of the modern housing industry