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The excellent parameters of thermal protection of REHAU Brillant Design windows ensure a pleasant climate in the room – even if there is frost and snow outside. Thanks to the 70 mm depth profiles and two gaskets REHAU Brillant-Design windows perfectly protect against draughts, dust, water and dampness. Five air chambers operate as an insulating barrier between the low temperature outside and the higher one inside the room. As a result we achieve a remarkably low thermal transmittance, from Uf* = 1,3W/m2K. Thanks to that REHAU Brillant-Design windows are the perfect solution for a modern low-energy building as well as in thermal modernisation of
buildings and contribute to the decrease of heating costs.

Thermal transmittance

(U-value): Uf = 1,3 W/m2K
construction depth: 70 mm
burglar resistance class: up to WK3
acoustic protection: confirmed acoustic protection of Rw = 44 dB
surface of profiles: durable, smooth, weatherproof, easy to clean

  • perfect solution for modern low-energy houses and in thermal modernisation of buildings
  • possible to assemble REHAU Comfort-Design Plus roller shutter system
  • five-chamber profiles
  • for windows and balcony doors
  • fulfils the highest requirements of the modern housing industry




You are investing a lot into your house or flat. You want the investments you make to fulfill your individual requirements down to the smallest details. With REHAU Euro-Design 70 windows you can be sure that your house will be a warm and cosy place. The five-chamber construction of profiles and excellent parameters of thermal protection contribute to the decrease of energy usage.

Different profiles of the sash (surface staggered, semi-surface staggered and oval staggered) as well as a broad range of glazing beads will meet your requirements concerning the appearance of new windows. You will also perfectly match the REHAU Euro-Design 70 windows in terms of their shape and the way of opening them to the facade of the building and interior of your flat.

Thermal insulation

(U-value): Uf = 1,3 W/m2K
Profile depth: 70 mm / 5 chamber system
Break-in protection: Up to resistance class WK 2
Sound insulation: confirmed acoustic protection of Rw = 45 dB
Surface of profiles: durable, smooth, weatherproof, easy to clean

  • excellent solution for low-energy houses and for thermomodernisation of buildings
  • possibility to install REHAU Comfort-Design Plus roller shutter system
  • five-chamber profiles
  • for windows and balcony doors
  • fulfils contemporary building requirements




Thanks to tremendous thermal insulation values, Euro – Design 86 windows assure nice and warm interiors. High depth of profiles, 86 mm, allows to use modern 3 layered glazing. 6 air chambers inside the profiles works as perfect isolator from weather outside. Euro – Design 86 windows are fantastic solution either for modern, energy efficient buildings and for modernizations.

  • profile depth: 86 mm
  • 6 air chambers system
  • thermal insulation value for profiles: Uf up to 1,10 W/m2K
  • acoustic protection value for windows: RW (C; Ctr) up to 45 (0; -2) dB depending on used glass unit
  • burglar resistance: up to RC 3 class




The GENEO® window system is manufactured using the high-tech RAU-FIPRO®material resulting in windows with a reduction in energy losses of up to 76%.

The best initial materials combined with the highest manufacturing benchmarks result in the outstanding quality and long service life of profiles made from RAU-FIPRO®, under even the highest stress levels.

With a high-tech fiber composite material, this branch-specific innovation sets an example. Following work donewith aircraft construction and Formula 1 design, fiber composite materials now also offer the best performance in the area of window design.

Profile depth: 86mm / Center seal

Number of chambers: 6
Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0.85 W/m²K
Energy saving: up to 76%*
*Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9, Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO® profiles (Uf= 0.91, Ug= 0.5, window size123 x 148 cm)
Material: RAU-FIPRO® fibre composite material, coextruded outer layer all the way around made from high quality RAU-PVC for the best surface quality
Sound insulation: up to SSK 5 without steel reinforcement, RwP = 47 dB with glazing Rw = 50 dB
Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without steel
Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)
Protection from driving rain: 9A (DIN EN 12208)



Nordic Design Plus is an outward opening, externally flush fitting PVCu casement window which was originally developed for the Scandinavian market.

The PVCu casement window has a 120mm depth frame and the appearance of a solid timber window of the type used extensively in cottages and stone built properties in the UK and Ireland. This makes it an ideal replacement as it has authentic timber detailing and can incorporate traditional type hardware. This flush fitting system is also suitable for new build multi-storey applications as has been the case extensively in Scandinavia.

This PVCu window system incorporates REHAU’s self reinforced RAU-FIPRO®material giving the window significant increased strength and thermal properties.