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PVC Systems

There is as many expectations and demands placed on exterior woodwork, as many buildings it will be used for. To match customers vision in matter of personal taste and demanded parameters, we offer range of products based on REHAU systems, which are suitable for basic and most complicated constructions. Starting with budget, yet solid Euro Design 70, through complex

Brillant, to finally get to the most advanced fiber glass reinforced systems - GENEO and outwards opening scandinavian Nordic Design Plus.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a thermoplastic which means it can be re-melted and is therefore recyclable. Unlike the other thermoplastics which are entirely derived from oil, PVC is made from 57% salt, which gives it some unique technical properties and helps it to deliver unbeatable value. REHAU PVCu systems are very low maintenance, containing a unique compound resulting in a smooth gloss finish – guaranteeing that they will retain their pristine appearance. It also means that they will never warp, rot or need re-painting.